Wake Up Sleepy Head!

Give yourself something to look forward to. Set the coffeemaker to start brewing 10 minutes before your alarm. Splurge on quality fresh-ground beans—the aroma alone will have you ready to rock the day—and buy your favorite flavored creamer, or make your own “gourmet” sugar by adding a whole vanilla bean to your sugar bowl. No question, you’ll look forward to that first delicious sip.

Activate your brain from the start. Instead of waking to a buzzer, pre-program your clock radio or docking station to a newscast. Or pick a smartphone alarm clock app that touts the day’s weather or makes you solve a puzzle before you can turn it off. The mental stimulation can help lift the morning fog.

Let the sun shine in. As soon as the alarm goes off, raise your blinds and crack a window. The early morning noises of your neighborhood and a fresh breeze will help motivate you to throw back the sheets. And there’s nothing like natural light to start the day off right.

Make your shower a retreat. Create a spa-like bathroom with minimal clutter, luxuriant soaps, and fluffy, great-smelling towels washed with fabric softener and a scent booster. A little pampering can go a long way to make your morning more pleasant.

Style yourself the night before. Whether you’re getting up and pulling on comfy yoga pants or suiting up for work, seeing the day’s clothes laid out is a reminder that you set the morning alarm for a reason. It’s a simple mind trick, but it works!

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