How to Look Great in Photo-Booth Shots!

Photo booths have long been a fun attraction at shopping malls and amusement parks, but lately they’re also generating plenty of party buzz (and long lines!) at special events like birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and weddings. One reason: New booths often feature technology that lets you instantly broadcast your pictures to social networking sites. Follow these tips to strike a fun and flattering pose with confidence!

Think happy thoughts. If you tend to look stiff in pictures, this time try focusing on anything but the fact that you’re having your picture taken. Before the shutter goes off, run through a funny joke, a favorite song, or a great memory in your head. Also, cozy up to the people you’re posing with instead of leaving your hands stiffly by your sides.

Wear something bright. While neutral colors might be a good choice for corporate photos, think color and pattern if you want fun party pix that pop!

Put your best face forward. To avoid the dreaded double chin, don’t look down. The lens should be at eye level or slightly higher. Also, lean your chin forward about an inch further than you normally would to give yourself a long, graceful neck. And take a tip from the pros, who recommend showing two-thirds of your face by tilting your head a little, turning your shoulders slightly, or moving your eyes slightly in any direction other than straight ahead.

Try this eye opener. If you’re prone to squint or close your eyes in pictures (especially if there is a flash involved), try this photographer’s trick: Look at the floor and begin counting to three. Lift those peepers up on three, or just as the camera shutter is about to click.

Guarantee a great smile. If you’re especially self-conscious about smiling, it makes sense to practice your smile in front of a mirror at home. Once it’s photo time, you can also try bringing out your best grin by embracing your silly side. Before you step into the booth, grab a prop—whether it’s a glass of wine you can raise to the camera, a crazy hat, or a feather boa. Many photo-booth operators now stock their booths with props. Another smile booster: Squeeze as many friends and family members into the booth as possible!

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