The Best Colors for a Better Night’s Sleep

Think: sleepy sheets.

No need to paint your walls, just change your bedding to soothing shades like sky blue or aquamarine. For extra comfort, be sure to launder all your linens and blankets in a soothing, calming scent like lavender.

Say goodnight with blue, yellow, or green.

Survey respondents with blue rooms reported that they got the most rest, logging almost eight hours a night. Those with yellow or green bedrooms colors came in a close second. Insomniacs: Say no to purple, grey, and brown—these shades were linked to the least restful sleep.

Reach for the sun.

Dress up a drab bedroom dresser by painting it a sunny bright yellow. The sleepers surveyed rested easy in a yellow environment and you may too. As a bonus, your dresser (and room) will look like new!

Explore the floor.

Carpets can provide a terrific canvas for color infusions. Try introducing plush throw rugs into your bedroom in shades of cool blue, sunny yellow, and earthy green—all shades that racked up points for good Z’s.

Play with patterns.

You want your bedroom to be calming, but not boring. Try adding some tone-on-tone prints in fabrics and wallpapers. They can add eye interest without a too-busy effect that could get in the way of a restful night’s sleep.

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