Bookworms Unite!

Summer is an ideal time to form a book club (you know, since you might actually have a minute or two to read for pleasure), and it’s super easy to organize. Here’s how.

Call on your crew. Put out the word to your bookworm buddies that you’re starting a club, providing as much detail as possible up front—think what, when, where, and why. To get things rolling, choose the first book yourself, preferably a new release that’s been getting a lot of buzz. Set up a calendar invite so everyone stays in the loop, and aim to meet once a month (more than that might start to feel like another item on the to-do list).

Set the scene. If it’s an alfresco affair on your patio, make sure to set out enough outdoor furniture for everyone to have a seat. Scatter throw pillows on your chairs to make seats more comfortable. If you’re hosting at night, set out a basket of blankets and wraps in case it turns breezy.

Play up the theme. Serve snacks that the characters from your book might have eaten, or recreate the setting with your decor. If the story is set at a beach house, for instance, incorporate shells or sea glass into your tablescape or serve snacks in beach pails. Make a playlist of summer songs to stream as background music.

Schedule the next session. At the end of the first gathering, decide on the next book and ask for volunteers to host the next meeting. Don’t rush to dismantle your party space, however. Keep a cozy spot or two for when you curl up to read your next assignment.

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