Snow Day Your Way

Snow days aren’t just for kids. There are tons of ways to embrace the chills and thrills with your best friends or special someone. Get started with the ideas below, and have an arctic blast.

Let nostalgia take over. Remember snow angels, sledding, and massive snowball fights? Snow never held you back as a kid, so don’t let it now: Bundle up and get out there! Even a walk in the park can turn a humdrum day into a magical adventure. The whole white world is waiting.

Dress for comfort. There’s no not-loving the outdoor experience when you’re dressed for comfort. Launder your snow jacket, pants, and thermals using a liquid fabric softener in a sunny-fresh scent that will get you charged up for fun. (It’ll help tame pesky static, too.)

Cue the romance factor. There’s no better excuse to get close to someone than walking in the snow or ice-skating on a pond. Pack a thermos so you can extend the moment by sipping a warm drink afterward.

Host a ‘brrr’ party. Invite a group of up-for-anything friends over and cue up a bunch of zany team competitions, like building the biggest or most creative snowman. Or have a massive snowball fight. When everyone’s toes have gone numb, head inside for a hot dinner of homemade chili or a hearty soup.

Reflect on the fun. After the activities are over, cuddle up. Tip: Toss your favorite blanket in the dryer for a few minutes with a scented dryer sheet. You’ll enjoy great smelling warmth as you snuggle up with fresh memories of good snowy times.

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