Rock the Sock

Bye-bye basic black. This season, bright, bold socks have become the new must-have accessory for men. Everyone from Wall Street executives to college students is pairing vibrantly colored and patterned novelty socks with pinstripe suits, jeans, and blazers—even shorts. Read on to learn how to rock the trend.

Flash some color. Push your black, navy, and brown standbys to the back of the drawer to make room for socks in bright hues. Emerald, fuchsia, orange, red, and turquoise are top picks, but anything goes, from buttery pastels to acid green and hot pink.

Make a statement. All it takes is a preppy pattern or an unexpected pop of color to spruce up your workday uniform, whether it’s your dark jeans and a T-shirt or a natty three-piece suit. Think polka dots, neon paisleys, pale checks, and multicolor stripes. Try a vivid lilac argyle with a charcoal suit or a cheeky blue-and-green animal print with khakis and suede bucks.

Slip ’em on. Like the summer no-sock look—but dislike how hot (and stinky) your sockless feet can get? Consider purchasing “no-show” socks that fit the foot snugly and don’t rise above the top of your shoes. Previously for women only, they’re now available in a rainbow of colors and designs specifically for men.

Look to the top. Figuring out the dress code for casual Fridays can be confusing, so keep an eye on what the top execs are wearing. If they’re sporting loafers sans socks or wearing neon knee-highs, feel free to follow their lead. Otherwise stick to more subdued options—and save exuberant sock choices for the weekend.

Express yourself. Speaking of weekends! When the mercury soars, consider rolling up jeans and trousers to show off your favorite ankle socks and knee-highs—or a bare-leg, no-sock look. Keep all your socks clean, vibrant, and smelling fresh by washing with detergent pods. There’s no mess or measuring when you use pods that contain liquid laundry detergent, brightener, and softener all in one.

Do white right. Keep running, lifting, and visiting the gym, but never (ever) wear your white athletic socks with anything but workout gear—especially not sandals.

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