Reboot Your Midwinter Wardrobe

No question, this is the time of year when deciding what to wear can feel like a Groundhog’s Day moment. A little closet rehab will do the trick.

Closet Conundrum: The rich, dark colors you loved last fall are making you feel washed out.

Style Solution: Add a bright accent like a scarf or chunky necklace close to your face. Even if that necklace seems summer-y, it’s fair game to slip one off-season piece into the mix (see tip, below).

Closet Conundrum: You want to buy new clothes. Your budget says…wait till spring!

Style Solution: Take a weekend afternoon and have a try-on party. Pull your winter pieces out and mix things up in front of your mirror. Once you start experimenting, you’ll see that you have more outfits than you thought.

Closet Conundrum: You have new spring clothes on hand, but it’s too cold to start wearing them.

Style Solution: Layer one spring piece with your warmer staples. You’ll look fresh, and you’ll still stay warm. Example: Pair a flirty floral dress or colorful new capri pants with a chunky oversize cardigan or a leather jacket and your favorite booties.

Closet Conundrum: You waste time each morning trying on several outfits.

Style Solution: First, organize your closet. Just looking at it should inspire browsing. Tidy up the piles of shoes, toss old wire hangers, and spray a little fabric refresher for a scent boost. Second, have a try-on party (see above) and take pictures of the looks you feel amazing in, so you can reference them later. Even better: Share photos with your best friends and see what you can swap!

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