4 Reasons to Love Your Bed (Psst, It Loves You Back)

Your bed is such an inviting place, isn’t it? It doesn’t judge you, it’s always available, and its sole purpose for existing is to make you comfortable. So why spend so much time blowing it off? Here, a few examples of the benefits of your bed’s unconditional love for you.

It can make you more beautiful. Yes, beauty sleep is a real thing! Your skin renews itself while you’re sleeping, so be sure to get seven or eight hours a night. Try to sleep on your back to avoid getting creases or fine lines on your face as a result of being pressed against your pillow. If you have sensitive skin, you might opt for crisp white linens rather than dyed sheets.

It’s an opportunity for aromatherapy. Who doesn’t love falling asleep swathed in sheets with a fresh scent? Indulge in calming scents like lavender and vanilla at bedtime. To achieve olfactory bliss every night, launder your linens with an in-wash scent booster.

It can help you shed pounds, or at least maintain your current weight. That doesn’t mean you should skip the gym for extra shut-eye every day, but hear this out. The body produces a hormone called leptin that helps the brain know when you’re full. When you don’t get enough sleep, your leptin levels drop, which can make you feel hungrier and more likely to overindulge. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule can play an important role in your healthy diet and exercise routine.

It gives you time to reflect. Use the quiet moments before you go to sleep at night and just after you wake up in the morning to your advantage. When you’re lying in bed it’s the perfect time to think about what you accomplished during your day or what you’d like to do tomorrow. Use the period before going to sleep at night to unplug from your ever-connected world. When you wake, don’t reach for a device first thing—stay present in the room as long as you can and collect yourself as you get ready for your day.

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