Put Your Whites On! The New Post–Labor Day Rules

Play with tone

All-white outfits make a striking statement, but they can also look a little sterile. Add some warmer white tones like cream and light tan to create the perfect wintry mix. And always avoid white leather shoes (unless you’re also wearing a nurse’s uniform).

Face facts

Cold-weather whites can actually have a brightening effect on your skin tone if you choose the right shades for your complexion. If you have pale skin, opt for pure whites without any yellow undertones. For those with a darker skin tone, the opposite is true: Creamy whites will cast your skin in the most flattering light.

Layer for effect—and warmth

Ease into the cooler weather by pairing your summer whites with weightier fabrics and textures. White jeans will look instantly autumnal when worn with a chunky sweater and boots. And that breezy white cotton dress you lived in all summer can live on into the cooler months when you toss a light suede jacket over it.

Baby your whites

A dressy white cotton shirt is like the perfect little black dress—always a go-to fashion staple in any season. Invest in a blouse with a flattering neckline that will take you from day to evening with ease. Then ensure it stays looking fresh and clean by washing it with a detergent that’s designed for whites.

Go skin-toned

White fabrics can be notoriously more transparent than darker or patterned clothes. To play it safe, especially at work, opt for skin-matching undergarments with few adornments when wearing white. They are more discreet than white undergarments, which can show through.

Be prepared

There’s nothing worse—and sometimes harder to avoid—than staining your favorite whites. Keep a stain remover at the ready that’s small enough to fit your bag. Tip: To avoid makeup stains, always put your whites on before you apply your makeup. That way you won’t pick up stains as you pull the clothing over your head.

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