Pillow Talk

Not a care in the night world.

Statues snooze flat on their backs, head square on the pillow. If you can make it through the night this way (a clue: your bedding is almost perfect in the morning), then you’re clearly getting your restorative, deep zzz’s, and hopefully pleasant dreams. Good for you!

The big squeezy.

One look at a Hugger cuddling a pillow like a teddy bear, and you think: that’s a happy sleeper. (Are your dreams full of hugs? Only you know.) But take note: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, side sleepers like the Hugger end up with more wrinkles on the side of the face that smushes against their bedding. Switching positions isn’t easy, but switching your pillow cover is. To help skin glide more, and crinkle less, try a silky pillowcase.

Shake, rattle, and roll.

The Thrower sleeps without a pillow because it gets flung away during the night. No question, you’re a restless sleeper. To quiet your slumber, launder your linens with a detergent in a soothing scent and with a fabric softener for extra comfort that’ll help you find your calm—and keep those pillows in place.

Lights, sounds, oxygen—begone!

At some point each night the pillow ends up on top of your face. Because breathing is a good thing, if you’re a Face Blocker, you should consider alternatives that free your face. Look for clues as to what you may be blocking out. An annoying LED light on your TV, perhaps? Excessive noise? Make your bedroom a dark and quiet haven for sleep. An easy step to take: Stock your laundry room with a fabric softener that will make your jammies and bedding dreamy-soft and soothingly scented.

It’s crunch time!

Wrestlers sleep with a spare pillow clenched between their legs. It’s not a leap to guess that you’re hanging on to some stress from the day (pity the fool who tries to take that pillow away from you!). A little gentle yoga before sack time might help reset your mojo, for a more restful overnight. To make the experience more pleasant, tuck a scented dryer sheet in your pajama drawer for a lovely smelling experience each time you open it.

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