Never Too Old for a Costume

Don’t pass up the fun of wearing a costume just because you’re a grown-up. The opportunities are everywhere—if you know where to look. The trick is to not overthink it too much: Rally a group of friends, let the event dictate the design, and have fun!

Group runs. They’re everywhere right now, and dressing up as a team is the norm. The sky’s the limit—you can dress like a flock of zombies, a bunch of red party cups, a pack of gum. Be sure to spritz your car afterward with air freshener so your next ride is fabulous, not funky.

Pro football games. Fans already dress up as anything from the Pope to Elvis. You’ll fit right in.

Community car washes or bake sales. Fall is full of good-deed events like these. If you do it as a group, you’ll stand out from the crowd if your team dresses up. And your crazy energy will inspire people to pony up for your cause—a bonus!

Trick-or-treating. Who says you can’t pull off a superhero cape? Are you bringing kids from house to house? Whip together a group of parents and do it up; the little ones will be as delighted as you are. Answering your own door? Throw a themed dress-up party and let guests take turns handing out candy.

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