Men’s Jeans: The Rules!

Guys, we know you care about how your butt looks in your jeans and if you’re wearing the right-now style. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be sure to pick the perfect pair.

1. Don’t wear faded denim. It’s just plain dated.

Do pick dark-washed denim (without faded spots or streaks). It’s dressy enough for a casual Friday at work, a dinner date, or a visit with your mom (aw!).

2. Don’t wear loose-cut jeans. They do favors for no body.

Do choose a straight-cut jean that skims close to the body. Its shape shapes you and makes you look straight and slimmer in ways that baggy bottoms can’t. Shopping tip: As any woman will tell you, brand fit and sizing vary wildly, so try different stores until you nail a pair that works for your physique.

3. Don’t shock your friends and family by turning up in uber-bright skinny jeans. (Unless you’re a 19-year-old pop singer. Then you can do whatever you want.)

Do express your need for self-expression with neutral colors like gray, khaki, olive, or burgundy. All look modern right now.

4. Don’t launder your new jeans with hot water and a hot dryer.

Do: Help prevent fading by washing jeans on a cold setting with a detergent that is specially formulated to clean at lower temperatures. Also, consider line drying. If the jeans need softening, tumble-dry them for a few minutes on a low setting.

5. Don’t invest in a pair of good jeans and then treat them like dirt. Wear an old, cruddy pair to do projects around your house.

Do target stains on your work jeans (like grease) or your new jeans (like a fancy appetizer you dropped in your lap) by pre-treating problem spots with a detergent before you wash.

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