How to Pull Off the Pajama Pants Trend

If you’ve ever wished all of your clothes could be as comfy as your sleepwear, you’ll love the new “pajama pants” trend. Suddenly it’s become stylish to dress for work in the blousy pants you’d normally save for bedtime. But since you don’t want to leave the house looking like you just woke up, follow these tips for a look that’s as comfortable as it is chic.

Stay away from jersey knits. These stretchy fabrics tend to look a little too unstructured (read sloppy) and clingy for the office. Stick with silk and cotton blends, and make sure they fit properly. Whether you opt for a palazzo-style pant or a more tapered fit, neither should be too long, too baggy, or too tight, especially through the thighs and backside.

Consider a higher-waist version. Paired with a tucked-in tunic or a long T-shirt and high heels, these super-comfy pants elongate the silhouette and make legs look longer and thinner.

Go neutral on top. Part of the appeal of pajama pants is their bright, graphic prints and pretty floral patterns. Just be sure to pair them with a fitted top in black, white, or another solid to ensure that you look as though you’re going to the office, not the circus.

Add stylish kicks and statement jewelry. Heels and eye-catching accessories instantly dress up any ensemble, and pajama pants are no exception. Choose a wedge or a strappy sandal and a chunky necklace or bangle bracelets to complete the look.

Press for success. Wrinkles are a sure sign you’re wearing sleepwear. So no matter what the fabric of your pajama pants, make sure they’re crisply pressed.

Last but not least. As long as you’re going for comfort, add a clean-scented liquid fabric softener to the wash so that your pajama pants will feel as wonderful as they look.

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