Have a Spring Fling—for All Your Senses!

Focus on Spring Colors

Bring the outside in with fresh flowers from your yard or a local florist shop. Daffodils are often the first blooms of the season!

Smell: Embrace the Scent of Spring

There’s no question that fresh fragrances conjure up good moods. An easy way to tickle your olfactory nerves: Infuse all your laundry loads with scents of spring.

Sound: Listen to the Early Birds

There’s that sweet spot in the early morning when the world is still quiet. No kids, no Internet, no honking cars. That’s the time to throw open a window and take in the sounds of calm.

Taste: Eat Green!

Heavy stews and spicy chili are so last season. Now’s when we tend to lighten up: Create a spring salad or pasta primavera using market-fresh veggies, and wash it down with iced tea instead of hot. And it goes without saying—if the weather is mild enough to eat outdoors, dine al fresco.

Touch: Make Your Bed an Oasis

You’ve pulled out your cotton sheets and lighter blankets—now make them silky soft by adding fabric softener to your wash cycle. Your skin will thank you!

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