Cozy Ways to Enjoy a Spring Break Staycation


A staycation is the perfect opportunity to give your bedroom, living room, or wardrobe a little DIY love. An added perk to getting crafty: The rhythmic, repetitive motions of these activities can give you a mental vacation, putting you into a state of “flow,” where you become so immersed in what you’re doing that you lose all track of time. So put down the phone, and pick up a needle and thread.

Macramé. When The Wall Street Journal recently asked 11 interior design pros about trends for 2014, macramé, which was beloved in the 1970s, was on the list. The trend is now more hipster than crunchy granola, and crafters are using unexpected scale, materials, colors, and shapes to make lampshades, wall art, plant hangers, rugs, and more.

Knitting and crocheting. The current trend is to go big with chunky, oversized stitches, using large needles. Or take a turn at the latest fad, arm knitting. This is a technique in which you use your hands and arms instead of knitting needles. The greatest thing about this method? You can make a comfy cowl or scarf in less than an hour. (It’s easy to find online videos to walk you through the steps.)

Quilting. Whether you’re interested in making a quilt for the foot of your bed or a tablecloth for your dining room, the art of quilting has gone modern, featuring bold colors and geometric shapes. You can find lots of tips and techniques online.

Needlepoint and embroidery. Maybe Grandma had it right. Needlepoint and embroidery are popping up in unexpected places, gracing the runways on purses, shoes, and dresses from top-notch designers. You can take the DIY approach and stitch your own purse, pillow, or belt. Look for a kit or canvas that lets you make a dramatic tapestry-like or arty design.

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