Celebrate the Summer Solstice with These Tips

Play 18 holes instead of nine.

If the sun’s still shining, why not play a full round of golf? Bonus: Skip the cart and take off on foot—you’ll cover close to five miles round-trip!

Blaze a trail.

Spend the Summer Solstice hiking, enjoying nature—and raising your pulse rate. A quick internet search can help find a trail near you!

Sign up for an outdoor fitness class.

Take in a sunset tai chi class or practice your sun salutations under that big orb in the sky. Not only will your body get a great workout, but your mind will too. Studies show that outdoor workouts can increase energy and positive thinking.  And remember to give all your gear a post-workout spruce up with a liquid laundry detergent that eliminates odors and fights stains.

Ride the waves.

If you live near the beach, hang 10 on your way home from the office. The salt air will clear your head and an hour of surfing can burn 500 to 800 calories. No board? No worries. Body surf or just build a sandcastle and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Hit the road.

Is there a historic site, botanical garden, lakeside park, or seafood shack you’ve been meaning to check out? Grab your favorite travel buddies and go exploring. Drive there in a convertible to score extra points.

Pack a picnic.

Head to a local park or lake, or simply set out a blanket in your backyard and enjoy dinner under a shady tree. Don’t forget candles, a corkscrew, and battery-operated speakers for your digital music player.

Wash it away.

Grass stains? Ice cream mishaps? Red wine spills? No matter how long your day—or how hard you play—a good detergent can handle even the toughest stains and keep your clothes fresh and super soft.


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