Oh, The Things You Can Do With Your Graduation Gown

Congratulations graduate! You will no doubt have many, many uses for your diploma. As for the gown you wore proudly on graduation day…here are seven creative ways to reuse it.

Splatter proofing. Painting your new apartment or dorm room?  Use your gown to shield your clothes or furniture against paint splatters (grad cap not required unless you want to protect your hair, too).

Scary stuff! Forget the Halloween costume store—white gowns can be shaped into ghost costumes and black ones into superhero capes. Sport a red gown to your next costume party to bring out your devilish side.

Pass it on. Give someone in the class below yours the gift of not having to buy their own pricey graduation gown next year.

Objet d’art. A grad gown can be useful for indulging your crafty side without messing up your clothes. Whether you’re filling a scrapbook with memories or using oil paints to decorate a picture frame, the gown will provide a stain shield that will make even the most expert DIY’er proud.

To the beach! After all those weeks of cramming for exams, you can finally enjoy these warm-weather months. Stash your graduation gown in your car trunk to use as a sun tarp or picnic blanket.

Clean car guarantee. Protect your beloved car from your messy friends by using your grad gown as a back seat cover.

Curtains, baby. Who needs pricey new window treatments in your apartment when your repurposed graduation gown can give you the privacy you crave? Use drapery hooks to clip the fabric onto a standard curtain rod.

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