Spring Clean Your Laundry Room

Clean, well-maintained appliances make for cleaner clothes.  These five steps will boost your appliances’ health so they get your laundry cleaner and fresh smelling every time.

Give your washer the rub.
Soak a cleaning cloth in liquid dish soap and water, and wipe the washer’s drum to remove any residue or sticky who-knows-what (your kid’s red crayon, a stray piece of gum?). If you’ve got a front loader, clean the rubber door gasket. Its nooks and crannies can trap moisture.

Tidy the surface (and take a mental vacation while you’re at it).
Revive your machines’ surface luster with—wait for it—a dryer sheet. Tiny particles like dust, lint, and pet hair will cling to it like gangbusters.

Schedule a deep-cleaning cycle.
The inner workings of the washer can get sluggish too. Options: You can run a cup of white vinegar or bleach through an empty cycle (use the hottest setting), or purchase a product specifically designed to zap residue and odors from washing machines. Consult your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations.

De-lint your dryer.
No matter how diligent you are with the lint trap, the fuzzy stuff still works its way inside the vent, where it collects and makes the dryer less efficient. (Buildup creates a fire hazard too.) A dryer duct cleaner has a long, skinny brush that’s perfect for the task. Stick it in, twirl it around, and you’re done! For safety, unplug the unit first.

New season, new laundry supplies! As you stock up on detergent, fabric softener, and scent boosters, remember this: There’s clean—and there’s clean smelling. Choose products with scents you enjoy!

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