Six Ways to Make your Clothes Last Longer

Whether it’s a new party dress or a beloved old sweatshirt, we all want our clothing to last. How do you keep favorite wardrobe pieces looking new and vibrant? Make a habit of following these maintenance tips, and your clothes will always be there for you.

1. Preserve Colors
To keep clothing looking fresh and fabrics vibrant, you need a laundry detergent that has a sophisticated colorfast technology. Ideally, choose one that contains no chlorine bleach and is safe for all of your washable fabrics, getting clothes clean without altering their original colors.

2. Treat Stains Immediately
When stains happen, act quickly to prevent them from becoming permanent. Instant stain removers are your go-to fix, combining a powerful cleaning solution with a microfiber pad that will absorb and lift the stain. And because it’s portable, you can pack a few in the suitcase and keep some in the car—just in case.

3. Fold Sweaters 
Never put a sweater on a hanger. The shoulders will likely become misshapen and the weight of the sweater will pull the sleeves out of its original design. Instead, fold sweaters and store them on top of one another in a dresser or on a closet shelf.

4. Don’t Spritz Perfume on Clothes
Perfume is meant to be sprayed on your skin, where it interacts with your body chemistry. Never spray perfume, which often has an alcohol base and chemical fixatives, on clothing. Instead, carefully apply it to your neck and back of wrists before dressing. The same is true with makeup. When wearing high collars or turtlenecks, be careful to avoid rubbing off makeup on clothing.

5. Follow Manufacturers’ Instructions
Too often we put clothes in the washing machine without looking at those little labels with care instructions sewn into the back of the neck or inside the waistband. They often have valuable tips, such as turning corduroy and denim inside out before washing, washing delicates in cold water only, or avoiding the dryer.

6. Troubleshoot Holes and Snags
That hole in your sock or tear in your cardigan’s elbow is only going to get bigger. If you love that piece of clothing, either mend it yourself or take it to a dry cleaner or a tailor for mending before putting it in the washing machine, which could aggravate the tear and further damage the fabric.

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