Comfort Clothes, Dressed Up!

Comfort is stylish this season! Sneakers have replaced heels on some of the world’s trendiest runways, and modified sweats in a variety of materials and prints have been spotted on fashion bloggers, models, and celebrities. But this trend can easily veer toward sloppy rather than chic if you don’t follow a few key styling rules. Read on for advice for turning comfy into cool.

One thing at a time. Don’t go overboard with the casual pieces when putting together your outfit. Pick one piece that says comfortable, then aim for a more elegant look with the rest of your ensemble. Bottom line: Sneakers with a tracksuit—no matter how fabulous the labels—are still best suited for hanging around the house.

Fit is key. Unlike your dad’s bargain sweatpants, the comfort trend relies heavily on fit if it’s going to look polished. Pieces should give a nod to gym wear without being confused with it. Look for form-fitting, sweatshirt-inspired tops and athletic-style pants that flatter your shape and accentuate your legs but don’t overwhelm your frame.

Layer on some luxury. Once you’ve picked your one casual, comfortable piece, give the rest of your outfit that styled-by-a-pro look by adding luxurious pieces that up the overall glam factor. Add a heel to your athletic-style pant to dress it up. Wear your fabulous new sneakers with a cocktail dress and leather jacket. Add a blingy necklace to your sweatshirt. Fancier pieces paired with casual ones show that you made consciously stylish choices—and you’re nobody’s fashion victim.

It’s all in the details. Traditional loungewear is pretty basic. The new dressed-up versions usually stand out from the crowd thanks to pretty embellishments, like leather trim, interesting necklines, fabulous patterns, or witty writing—all of which make this super-wearable trend feel new and fun.

Keep them fresh and bright. These are not your trusty laundry-day sweats! Fashionable casual clothes require special care to keep their shape and continue looking fierce—not to mention feeling soft. Wash your pieces inside out on a cold or warm setting with a liquid laundry detergent, then tumble dry on low.

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