How to Store Your Clothes—Smartly

ring on the bins. Large, colored plastic bins (preferably the see-through kind) with tight-fitting lids are an inexpensive, practical way to pack up clothing and bedding. Bonus points if they’re stackable, because that will save precious space. Before you add anything, toss a fabric softener sheet into each bin. The fruit and flower scent will keep things smelling fresh.

Prep before packing. Always clean your clothes before putting them into storage. Food and other stains can attract moths. Suspect your sweater may still be compromised? Put it in a large freezer bag and keep it in the freezer for two days, which will kill critters without damaging the fiber.

Remember: bulky on the bottom. It’ll make it easier to unpack later on. Place heavier items on the bottom of the bins and consider rolling, rather than folding, lightweight sweaters and knits to help prevent wrinkling.

Invest in vacuum-seal storage bags. Their size may be deceptive, but you can easily cram a comforter and sheets in one of the larger sized bags and then stow it away under your bed. As with bin storage, add a scented fabric softener sheet before sealing.

Resort to a rack. A rolling rack is a great place to store jackets or anything that wrinkles like crazy. Keep the rack in a cool, dry place, and cover it with an old cotton sheet to prevent dust from settling on your clothing.

Give ’em a spin. After unpacking be sure to give clothes and bedding a soft feel and yummy fragrance with a liquid fabric softener for a fresh start to the new season!

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