101 Series: How to Fold a T-Shirt

Whether you’re putting away fresh laundry or packing for a summer getaway, it’s useful to know how to properly fold a T-shirt so that when you decide to wear one of your favorites it looks absolutely fresh, clean—and not wrinkled.

While we all have short-sleeve and long-sleeve cotton tees in numerous colors, it’s the white T-shirt that is a wardrobe staple. As with any white article of clothing, the trick is to keep it that way, without bleach’s damaging effects, using a detergent that doesn’t contain chlorine bleach. Once you’ve washed your tees and put them in the dryer, set a timer to alert you when the drying cycle is almost finished. At that point, remove the tees from the dryer while they are still warm and fold them right away to prevent any wrinkling.

How to fold: On a clean, flat surface, place the T-shirt either horizontally or on a slight angle with the front facing up. Then, using your left hand, pinch the top of the shirt that’s farthest from you, just outside the neck. Following straight down from that point, using your right hand, pinch the middle of the shirt. Now, while still holding on to the fabric, cross your left hand over your right hand and bring the bottom hem of the shirt up to the neck, and pinch with your left hand. Uncross your hands while lifting up the T-shirt away from you. One sleeve will be hanging. Now put the shirt back on the surface face down, start with the hanging sleeve, and fold the side that is away from you over the loose sleeve. Voilà!

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