What to Do When Your Favorite TV Show Ends

It’s the circle of TV-viewing life: Finales and cancellations happen, and new (even better) programs come your way. Accept and move forward.

Step 1: Find a new must-watch show. Start with a web search. A great place to begin is by skimming fan sites of the just-ended show. Consider what the other devotees are gearing up to watch. Once you find some promising suggestions, check critics’ picks to narrow your list.

Step 2: Rally your friends. Part of the fun of having a favorite new show is talking about it with your besties. Entice them with an invite to a viewing party of the pilot episode. Post messages on your favorite social network while you watch it to drum up even more buzz in your circle.

Step 3: Establish a unique viewing ritual. A new show presents the promise of new traditions. Maybe this is the night that you break the house rules and let your entire family eat dinner in front of the TV, or have your best friend show up with her special five-layer dip each week. Just keep a stain remover on hand to remove food and drink stains so those lasting memories aren’t forever imprinted on your clothes.

Step 4: Cozy up the couch. Before debuting your new TV-night ritual, get rid of that old-TV-show juju, not to mention the mounds of crumbs buried beneath your sofa cushions. Launder slipcovers and throws in a liquid laundry detergent with a fresh, long-lasting scent that goes perfectly with your TV fresh start.

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