Spooky Stains?

Yikes! All that spooky October fun has resulted in some seriously frightening stains on your clothing. These expert tips will take the mystery out of getting your clothes clean again—no witchcraft required.

Cola chills and spills. You dumped cola all over yourself during the scary part of the horror movie. The fear stops here: Soak up the soda quickly with a clean white cloth. Once all the liquid is soaked up, pull out your portable stain remover and dab it on the stain several times to release the cleaning solution. Then launder according to fabric care directions.

Chocolate horror show. Halloween candy sure is a treat until those candy bar minis melt all over your favorite canvas shopping tote. No need to forswear your sweet tooth. Wipe the stain gently with a clean cloth. Next, pretreat the mess by pouring on a detergent, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash the fabric with detergent in warm water. Then resume sneaking Halloween candy from your kids, only store it more carefully this time.

Grapes of wrath. People dressed in creepy Halloween costumes already give you the jitters. But when your son puts a fake spider on your dinner plate on Halloween night, you flip out and accidentally spill red wine down the front of your shirt. Instead of sending him to his room, have him fetch you a clean cloth soaked in cold water. Blot with cloth to dilute the stain. Rinse in cold water if the stain remains. Launder as directed on the fabric care instructions.

Ghoulish grass stains. The Halloween tombstones in your front yard are a fun addition to the décor but become a frightening obstacle course at night, which is probably why you tripped over one of them and got grass stains on the seat of your pants. Remove this most stubborn of stains in one wash with the help of a stain booster. Grass stains be gone!

A bloody mess. Your daughter skinned her knees while running through the pumpkin patch. After dispensing some soothing words, bandages, and hugs, help rescue her favorite jeans by quickly blotting them with a stain remover or a clean cloth soaked in cold water. To treat the stain at home, create a soak of 25 mls of liquid laundry detergent to each gallon of cold water. Weigh the jeans down in the soak solution with a white towel for up to 30 minutes. Then wash on cold using a detergent designed for cold water.

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