Say Hello to Spring

Now that spring is upon us, it’s time to shed the winter blahs and perk up your home and your outlook on life. Fortunately, there are easy ways to brighten your environment and your state of mind simultaneously. The trick is to harness the powers of sense- and scent-appeal! Read on to learn how.

Use the power of flowers. Place a vase of yellow daffodils, forsythia, or tulips in a prominent spot in your house, like the kitchen table, your desk, or the front hallway. The sunny color, according to experts, can help foster optimism, hope, and good cheer. Bring it on!

Spring clean walls and windowsills. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove dust from your walls and window ledges, then remove fingerprints and dulling grime with a multi-surface liquid cleaner that has a fresh, ready-for-spring scent.

Let the light shine in. Research suggests that bright light has a positive effect on mood, so throw open the curtains and raise the blinds to let the natural light pour into your home. Not only will this make for a happier, brighter space, it may well do the same for your spirits.

Give dust bunnies the boot. Clear bookshelves and coffee tables and dust the surfaces (and your books). Ditto for ceiling-fan blades, lamps, and any other decorative accessories. After that, take your sofa cushions outside and beat them by hand (or with a clean broom) to remove any dust and crumbs, then refresh the fabric with a freshening spray.

Create a fruit centerpiece. A beautiful bowl of apricots or oranges will remind you that warmer weather and healthy treats from Mother Nature will soon be coming on strong. Some other seasonal options to consider: mangoes, pineapples, or star fruit, all of which promise to tempt your eyes as well as your taste buds.

Lighten up your bed. Swap out your flannel sheets, wool coverlets, and extra-heavy down comforters for cotton sheets and medium-weight blankets. As you’re tidying up the rest of the room, wash linens with a detergent that has a light, delightful scent to help welcome spring. Do the same for your pillows—and you’ll set the stage for sweet, happy dreams.

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