Love Your Dog (Not His Smell)

Man’s best friend may be your top companion, but he’s not the neatest roommate. He sheds. He licks your floors. He drools after he drinks. It can add up to a not-so-sweet dog odor that hangs around the house. Clean up his act (and your house) with these doggie do’s.

Give hair the heave-ho. Minimize shedding with weekly brushing. (Tip: Do this outside, for neatness.) Consider upgrading your vacuum to a HEPA filter model, which catches teensy particles that Fido may be shaking off around the house, furniture included. Got wood floors? An electrostatic mop will be more efficient on wood than a vacuum, since it won’t blow the hair around.

Clean carpet mishaps. Dogs will eat anything. You know this because the evidence ends up on your rug. Use paper towels to pick up as much solid vomit as you can, and to blot wet spots. Next, clean the spot with a stain remover mixed with water and a clean rag. Use more clean rags to rinse, then blot the spot to help it dry.

Beautify his bedding. Shake out or vacuum his bedding, then put the cushion cover, bed base, and blanket in the washing machine along with his plush chew toys (if they’re machine washable; be sure to follow manufacturers’ directions). Use a large load setting and a stain remover along with your favorite detergent. Dry according to manufacturers’ directions.

Spiff up his crate. Clean the surfaces with a damp sponge and a multipurpose cleaner with stain-removing power. Rinse, then air-dry the crate and toss his blankie back inside. Send him to sleep with a few extra tummy rubs.

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