How to Clean a Grill

Before you fire up summer’s favorite cooking tool, that funky, caked-on gunk will need a deep cleaning. And your lucky pit master apron could probably use a little help too. No problem—we’ve got you covered.

Start with a cold grill. Turn off all the knobs and disconnect the propane tank.

Remove the cooking grates. Soak them in a bucket with hot water antibacterial dishwashing soap.

Scrub the insides. Cover the heating elements with aluminum foil to catch loose debris that falls as you clean, and scrub the inner hood and walls with a wire brush or steel wool pad. Wipe it all down with damp paper towels.

Remove the drip pan. Empty it, and toss it into the soaking bucket. Take the grates out of the bucket, and scrub them with a wire brush or steel wool pad. Rinse grates with a garden hose.

Shine the exterior. Wipe down the outside of the grill using a fresh bucket of warm water and dish soap.

Put it back together. Toss the foil and replace the grates and drip pan, then reconnect the propane.

Address that beloved grilling apron. A regular clean isn’t enough to fight greasy grilling marks, you need to take it to another level with a detergent that has a stain-fighting booster.

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