Hibernation Nation!

Ah, winter. The frigid temps, the icy roads, the post-holiday malaise—all fantastic reasons to stay home. But if you fear the cabin fever that comes with too many days spent indoors, these ideas will keep you busy all season long (or at least through the next snowstorm).

Binge watch a TV series. Between white-knuckle thrillers, charming period dramas and coming-of-age comedies, the small screen is really good right now. Take advantage—and turn it into a social affair—by inviting your neighbors over for a TV marathon. Provide blankets and comfort food (caramel corn drizzled with dark chocolate, anyone?).

Serve breakfast for dinner. Prepare everyone’s favorite a.m. meal, but have them do their part too: Each family member must come to the table dressed in their wackiest sleepwear. (Extra bacon for the zaniest PJs!)

Get your craft on. Pull out the glitter glue and construction paper and let your kids create. Make a snowman out of an old cereal box, or help your kids learn about reading temperatures and then make a thermometer out of Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and glue.

Tackle a project you’ve been putting off. Hey, you’ve got all afternoon! Why not start that jigsaw puzzle that’s been sitting in the box for months (and months!), or pick up your knitting needles and begin that hat you’ve been meaning to make? Or simply grab a blanket and a hot mug of something, and curl up with the book you’ve been trying to read for months.

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