Four Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

It’s the time of year that we really start to crave those long, sunny days, a garden bright with blooms, and gentle breezes permeating the house. Why not hurry up your springtime? Here are four simple household refreshers that will kick-start that much-needed transition from dreary winter to glorious spring.

1. Brighten up.
Introduce bright colors and warm-weather floral patterns to a living room or bedroom with new throw pillows or area rugs, or try out a different window treatment, such as sheer curtains, that will allow for more natural light.

2. Flora and fauna.
Don’t wait for the annuals to bloom; embellish your house with natural beauty. Fill a glass or ceramic bowl with lemons and leave them on your kitchen counter. Go to the local nursery and buy bulbs to force in pots indoors—imagine the fragrance of hyacinths in a couple of weeks’ time. Cut some forsythia sprays or apple, pear, cherry, or plum branches off of your trees in the backyard, stick them in a tall vase of warm water, let them transition first in a cool area, and then watch them bloom spring in your living room.

3. Fresh scents.
The windows have been closed for months and you can’t wait to air out the house. There’s an alternative way to refresh your house while the mercury is still low. Start by selecting an air freshener, which come in a variety of amazing scents. Now gather up all of your spring cleaning—bed linens, towels, bath mats, slipcovers, throws, and rugs—and wash them with liquid laundry detergent and a fabric softener of your fragrance choice. Then dry them with dryer sheets or dryer bars of the same scent. You can even enhance your fragrance with a scent booster that will allow that heavenly aroma to linger longer.

4. Color your world.
Want to experiment with a new wall color in your house, but feeling just a little fearful? Take a tip from interior decorators: Play out a new palette in the guest bedroom this weekend. Because guest rooms tend not to be in daily use, decorators will tell you they’re a great place to be more adventurous with color. Let springtime inspire you.

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