5 Chores You Must Do Every Month

If you have a plan, conquering pesky household tasks that often get overlooked can be fast and simple.  Here’s what you need to do.

Recharge a sluggish showerhead: 5 minutes. To rid mineral buildup, unscrew the showerhead and quickly wipe off loose debris with a scrubber sponge. Then, using a large zip-top bag, submerge the head in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Leave it to soak and move on with your chore list.

Unclog and deodorize the kitchen sink: 3 minutes. Pour a half cup of baking soda, then a half cup of white vinegar, down the drain. Set a timer for 2 minutes. (While you’re waiting for the timer to go off, move on to the next step.) When the timer stops, return to the sink and rinse hot tap water down the drain.

Tidy the dryer vent: 3 minutes. Sweep lint from the lint trap, and clean the vent under the trap with a vacuum hose attachment or a skinny brush made for dryer vents.

Clear cobwebs: 5 minutes. Use a duster with a handle that extends for high ceilings.

Finish what you started: 4 minutes. Flush the kitchen sink drain with cold water, then head back to the bathroom and replace that showerhead. Run clean water through it to flush debris—and you’re good to go in 20 flat.

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