Bye-Bye Junk Drawers, Piles and Mishmash. Hello Organized!

For Mail—Only Touch Paper Once

File or toss each piece immediately to prevent a pileup. Then go a step further and minimize incoming junk: Search your Web browser or app store using the term “stop junk mail” and you’ll get ideas for how to do just that.

Take It One Day at a Time

You didn’t become disorganized overnight, so cut yourself some slack on getting things in order. Tackle one task each day—either sorting through the junk drawer or cleaning out your medicine cabinet—until you’re done.

Put Loose Photos in Special Boxes

Even in this digital world, chances are you have printed snapshots kicking around somewhere. The memories are precious, so house them in a special place, like in colorful photo boxes that you label by event or date. When they’re easy to grab, you’ll look through and enjoy them more often.

Bring on the Baskets

A colorful basket can play double duty as part of your décor and as a useful place to stash TV remotes, chargers and small toys that don’t have a home. Just be sure you don’t throw it all into one basket.

Apply Aromatherapy

After you organize a drawer or closet, stash a scented dryer sheet in each space. Every time you open the drawer or door, you’ll get a hint of freshness, which will motivate you to keep chaos at bay.

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