6 Ways to Keep Clothes Looking Great — Wherever You Go

Tip 2: Double-bag your liquids

No matter how tightly you think the top of that shampoo bottle is screwed on, it’s better to be safe than sorry. While packing, separate your liquids from your clothes by putting them in two plastic bags.

Tip 1: Roll your clothes

Rolling instead of folding your clothes not only prevent wrinkles, it also saves space. And you know what that means—more room to bring home souvenirs!

Tip 3: Pack a to-go stain remover.

Traveling with kids? (Or do you have a knack for spilling yourself?) Don’t forget to bring along a to-go stain remover. Ice cream meltdowns and ballpark mustard stains don’t stand a chance against a quick application of stain remover, meaning you won’t suddenly find yourself down a pre-planned outfit.

Tip 4: When you don’t have an iron, take a hot shower

You don’t need an iron to stay wrinkle-free. Simply hang your clothes up in your bathroom while you take a hot shower and let the steam get rid of unwanted wrinkles.

Tip 5: Don’t forget detergent pods

Detergent pods are compact and easy to travel with, so bring them along to ensure that you have the detergent you love while traveling.

Tip 6: Use dry-cleaning bags

Dry-cleaning bags can be a useful tool when traveling. Pack small stacks of clothes inside a single bag—this will help prevent friction and therefore wrinkles. As you near the end of your trip, tie a knot at one end of a bag to use it as a dirty clothes hamper.


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