Need a Halloween Costume Fast?

Halloween party in an hour? No worries. All of the costumes below can be made in less than 20 minutes. Best trick and treat: Start with a super-soft, great-smelling sheet that’s been washed with a liquid fabric softener to make sure you’re as comfy as possible all night long.

Mummy. With scissors, cut a flat sheet along its longest side into two-inch-wide strips; use safety pins to fasten strips into one long piece. Wear a white T-shirt and leggings and wrap the fabric around your body, working down from your head. For added effect, use brown makeup to darken around your eyes and mouth, then add spooky smudges to the costume.

Statue of Liberty. Center a white sheet (bonus points if you have a green one) over your head and cut a hole just big enough to get your head through. Slip the sheet on, and using a few safety pins lined end to end, fasten the material together to create sleeves. For a torch, fill a cardboard paper towel roll with orange tissue paper. Cut out a spiked crown from green cardboard, or create a sparkly version out of aluminum foil. And don’t forget to carry a tablet (use a book) that says July 4, 1776!

Angel. Center a white sheet over your head and cut a hole big enough to slip your noggin through. Secure the sheet at the waist with a white or silver cord or a belt. Mold a halo out of aluminum foil. Attach to a headband with a straw (secured with masking tape), then cover the entire headpiece in several layers of foil.

Corpse bride. Don a long-sleeve white T-shirt (for optimal effect, use a permanent marker to draw rib bones on the right side). Fold a sheet in half and using a scissors create uneven rips and frays along bottom edge. Wrap the sheet around your waist; fasten with a white belt or safety pins. Fashion a veil from white tulle or cheesecloth wrapped around a headband. Tint your face pale blue, then add dark circles under your eyes and apply a vibrant lipstick. Carry a bouquet of wilted flowers.

Ghost. Center a white sheet over your head; mark where eye and mouth holes should be placed. Remove sheet and cut openings with scissors. Use a black permanent marker to darken area around the eyes and mouth. For a scarier look, draw stitch marks across the sheet and use a red marker to bloody the mouth. Carry a bike chain or a ghoulishly carved pumpkin.

Greek toga. Fold the sheet, adjusting it so that it hangs to about your ankles. Wrap the sheet under your arms, around your body, and carry remaining fabric over your shoulder; secure with a safety pin. Use a gold cord or tie to create a sash, and wear strappy sandals. Brownie points if you can find shiny goblet or—even better—a leafy vine in your garden to stand in for a laurel wreath!

Superhero. To make a cape, measure the width of your back and the distance from your shoulders to thighs. Place a sheet on a flat surface and sketch out cape using your general measurements; make sure to flare the cape out at the bottom and include long ties at the top for tying around your neck. Cut with scissors, then add your favorite hero’s emblem with permanent markers.


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