Boo! Halloween Pranks from Dawn to Dusk

Halloween night is full of mischief, but the fun can start before the sun goes down. These playful pranks will kick off the excitement and keep it going all day long, right up until trick-or-treat time.

Rise and scare: Insert some fake fangs and get the kids up for school FAST!

Breakfast is brewing: A few drops of food coloring can turn eggs or milk ghoulish green, or try slipping a few gummy worms between pancakes for a slimy surprise.

Make lunch a scream: Stash fake spiders in your child’s lunch box for a little cafeteria excitement.

Serve up spooks: Incorporate Halloween colors into dinner. Toss sautéed vegetables like orange bell pepper, carrots, and butternut squash with black pasta. Add toasted pumpkin seeds for some crunch. Or serve up quick pumpkin soup with pumpernickel croutons. Don’t get spooked by squash mess—keep a scented spray cleaner close by for quick, nose-pleasing cleanup.

Prepare to scare: When the kids get ready to trick-or-treat, put some spooky sounds like chains, slamming doors or howling werewolves on your sound system. Keep a few scented candles burning for a spooky glow and refreshing aroma.

Create a ghostly setting: Get into the fun by dressing up to give out candy, and dress up the front porch, too. Create a foggy atmosphere by putting dry ice into a large bowl and adding water.

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