Game On! What to Wear When “Couch-Gating” on Game Day

Professional athletes are famous for their pre-game quirks: They fly onto the turf like jets, get slapped in the face by their coaches, dance, jump, bump, yell at the ball. As a football fan, you’ll do anything to help your team win, right? Use the ideas below to create your own game-day rituals.

1. Lucky gear
Game jerseys are a must for home viewing, along with any fan-printed paraphernalia that can be worn on your body—and remember, brighten your ultimate fan uniform by washing it with a good laundry detergent.

2. Game-day grooming
Clean-shaven or stubbly, parted to the left or right, freshly showered or two days ripe—think back to your team’s last win, and copy that day’s steps exactly. Repeat for family members and regular game-time guests.

3. Tokens, doodads, and other juju boosters
Of course they help: bring on the rabbits’ feet, replica helmets, rally towels, game-day socks. Don’t forget to pump up with a pre-game fight song or a group chant, and of course, by outfitting the family pet in mascot-wear.

4. House rules
Maintaining order will keep the energy in your fan cave consistent, and that can only help the cause. Decide what that means in your household: assigned seats, remote-control management, timing of bathroom breaks, and limits on non-sports banter are a few essentials to work out.

5. Interlopers
Be wary of drop-ins; they can mess with the force. However, if your team scores in their presence, let them—no, make them—stay.

6. A reverse play
If, even with all your efforts, the team sputters, sack this game plan and start clean at the next kickoff.

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