5 Driveway Games for Kids

Happily, all you need to get your children started playing these simple driveway games is chalk and a few inexpensive items, like bean bags and a cardboard box! And cleaning is a cinch. We promise.

Beanbag toss. To play this simple driveway game, draw a box on the driveway or sidewalk with chalk, then give your kids an equal number of beanbags (assign colors to each). Whoever can toss the most bags in the box wins. Up the ante by having them each take two steps back before starting another round.

Hopscotch. For this classic driveway games, use chalk to draw a hopscotch grid on your driveway. Have your kids toss a stick into a square and start hopping to retrieve it. Or forget the stick and let them hop forward, back, on one foot—let them get as silly (and tired) as they want.

Hit the penny. Draw two parallel chalk lines six feet apart and place a penny between them. Take turns throwing a ball at the penny. Give one point for hitting the penny and three for flipping it over. Play to 21 points.

Driveway dice. Cover an empty, square box with blank paper and add dots so that it looks like a giant die. With sidewalk chalk, draw a winding path with steps along the way, then label one end “Start” and the other “Finish.” Label every step with a number like “+ 2” or “– 4.” To play, roll the die, walk to your space, and then do the math: If you rolled a 6 and land on 2, you say “6 + 2 = 8” and take the two steps forward (or if it’s a –2, two steps back). That’s one turn. See who gets to the finish line first!

Freestyle fun. Drawing whatever you want on the driveway is probably the most low-tech, and most fun, activity there is for a child. Let your kids create whatever they wish. And if their clothes get chalky, don’t sweat it. Launder with a detergent that offers a stain remover and brightener in one. Easy!

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